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Low back & neck pain can stem from a variety of different factors including: muscle imbalances, decreased stability, disc bulges & herniations, improper ergonomics and traumatic injuries. 

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Sciatica can be caused from irritation of the nerve roots exiting the low back. It can also be caused by tight muscles pinching the sciatic nerve as it runs past or through them. 

Disc Herniations can press on the nerve roots exiting the spine causing severe pain. Chiropractic care along with flexion/distraction & decompression have been shown to greatly reduce this pain.

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Injuries that occur in a contact sport such as, football or hockey are similar to those obtained in an auto accident. When the body is subjected to a forceful impact, the vertebrae and soft tissues are compromised.

Carpal Tunnel is a very common and debilitating condition. Studies have recently showed the effectiveness of Chiropractic care and infrared light therapy for treating Carpal Tunnel. 

Headaches & migraines are usually secondary to other underlying issues with the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractic can greatly reduce or eliminate the frequency of headaches & migraines. 

Many patients with fibromyalgia have received significant relief adding chiropractic care into their treatment regimen. 

Shoulder/knee pain can come from a variety of sources. Many times they are correlated with misalignments in the spine. Chiropractic & rehabilitation drastically help the speed of healing for these issues.

TMJ affects the joints between the skull and the jaw. It can be due to misalignments, muscle imbalances or degeneration of the cartilage around the joint causing bone to rub together.

During pregnancy abnormal pressure is placed into the pelvis & low back causing issues for many mothers. Chiropractic care goes along side pregnancy to help decrease pain and allow for easier birth.


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