Improve Your Golf Game In Lancaster With Chiropractic Care

By choosing chiropractic treatment from a Lancaster chiropractor can help improve your overall golf game and lower your score. Golf can be hard on your lower back, hips, knees and core. The repetitive, one sided motion required to swing a golf club can put you at risk for injury every time you play. Keep reading to learn why chiropractic care in Lancaster can help to improve your game.

How Can Chiropractic Help Boost Your Game?

Chiropractors are trained to treat the muscular, neurologic and skeletal systems. They can diagnose where you have muscular imbalances or restrictions in joint movement and treat those in order to reduce strain and stress on the body that golfers are prone to. During a golf swing, the torque of the rotation puts a large amount of pressure into the low back and surrounding areas. If you are lacking proper alignment and have decreased core stabilization, you can experience pain all the way into the elbows, shoulders, wrists, knees and ankles. This pain or decrease in range of motion will further affect your swing and cause your scores to reflect that.

Chiropractic treatment from a doctor trained in sports injuries/performance can help to remove the stress of misalignments, increase blood circulation, and teach you the proper stretches and exercises to stay pain free throughout the golfing season. This will allow you to focus on your game and swing without hesitation.

Other Tips To Improve Your Golf Game

1. Stay Hydrated - Drinking plenty of water while golfing will help your body from becoming dehydrated where you are more prone to straining muscles.

2. Warm Up Before Playing - Complete 10-15 minutes of warm up exercises to loosen up your body before going right into your game. Do a couple light practice swings, stretch any tight muscle and complete a few minutes of light cardio to get your blood pumping. This will greatly prevent unnecessary injuries.

3. Consider Taking Lessons - Taking a short lesson on how to swing your club can help to show you the proper muscles to engage, how to stand, and what you should do on your follow through. This information can help you to swing properly and further decrease your risk for injury.

If you are a golfer looking for help in the Lancaster area, please feel free to reach out to us here at Optimum Chiropractic & Fitness. We are more than happy to answer any questions to help you get the top of your game!

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